SGO or Stain Glass Overlay

Stained Glass Overlay, aka: “SGO glass” is not actually stained glass at all. It is actually an art form that combines multiple materials such as glass, layered polyester film, lead, jewels, and others to simulate the form of stained glass. The finished product looks and feels much like traditional stained glass. The product is lightweight, seamless, air tight, water tight, and contains ultraviolet inhibitors to protect from fading.

SGO meets building codes for safety glass and requires little maintenance. There is virtually no limit to the size and type of design. The reinforced materials give it the strength and integrity of similar to safety glass.

Just like traditional stained glass, SGO can replace over overlay existing glass. There are 300+ colors and textures to choose from too. Stained Glass Overlay is a great solution for a wide range of decorative glass applications.

Typical applications of stained glass overlay include:

  • Bathroom privacy windows
  • Stained glass transom alternative
  • Entryways
  • Cabinet doors
  • Shower doors
  • Divider panels
  • Domes and ceiling panels
  • Wall tops and signage
  • Office lobbies
  • Casinos and hotels
  • Church windows
  • Chapels and funeral homes
  • And more!

Stained Glass Overlay panels are easy to clean, requiring nothing more than normal window cleaning solutions and a soft cloth.